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We love to hear success stories!

"Your Elite tincture (33mg per dose) is INCREDIBLE. I have struggled with anxiety for years and tried taking meds but didn’t like the side effects. Once I started taking your oil, I felt calm and zero issues with anxiety. I ran out of yours and had a bottle of another brand my friend had me try and immediately my anxiety returned. People definitely need to know all CBD oil is not created equally! Yours is the real deal!" ~ Lisa from California


"Thank you so much!!  This means a lot to me and my grandfather whose life will change with these products."  ~ Sam from Idaho

I’ve had a rough couple weeks. Like bad. And tonight I came the closest to a panick attack ive had in 2 years. I knew it was coming. I had a few puffs of the caviar joint and I’m telling you, and I know I don’t need to, it seriously saved me. I honestly would not have been able to function the past few weeks without your product. I haven’t taken my anxiety meds since I met with you. Anyway, sorry this is so long! I’m just so thankful. If you ever need anyone for a testimony or anything please let me know. I’m more than happy since you’ve really changed my life in the past month. ~ Nicole

"I started giving my old lab/chow CBD products from Canna of Eden and have noticed a big difference in her activity! She can't wait to get her treats and then plays like a puppy till she wears herself out! I am hooked on seeing her active and happy again! Thank you Canna of Eden!" --Summer Shelton


"I give my Angel CBD products from Canna of Eden and I'm amazed at how well it works for her. And I feel good about giving her something that is a safe alternative to pain killers. She's my baby and worth the world to me so I want her to be healthy and happy! Angel and I both thank you!" --K. Gordon

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