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Do you trust who you get your hemp products from?  To be honest, I don't because I have been scammed several times. That's why I send everything I sell away for testing which *I* pay for through STILLWATER LABS, here in Montana.  


When you're reading the lab report, keep in mind the AMOUNT of each result.  Some are "each/by piece" (like gummies and bubble baths) but most are by oz.  When looking at the testing, keep in mind the amount in a bottle.  Lotions, the body butter, and massage/lube oil are all 4oz.  As always, if you have any questions, please let me know.  

"I so appreciate the extra levels of testing. The products I’ve used have all been top rate, and very effective. I live in Portland and can get products on almost any street corner, but I order from Canna of Eden because I know the products are safe." ~ Kim in Oregon 


All test results are in downloadable PDFs for your convenience.   

Your bottles test results prior to March 2020

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