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I didn’t begin this business to have a business. I thought I would just get good product for a good price and share that with my family and friends. That circle became bigger and bigger, I tried one vendor show, then another, and another, and here we are. This business is MINE, no one tells me what to do or how to do it (except maybe the Mister) - I am not part of a multi-level marketing company with fancy words and WAY overpriced products which have tons of fillers and junk to make you sick. No thanks!

Along the road of finding products folks ask for, I’ve run across some REALLY BAD ones. I always knew I would test products because there is so much junk and misleading products, it makes me sick.

First, I was so excited to work with what I thought was a cool little shop (Plant Organix) like I wanted to open. I received gummies that were separated/melted, weighed only about HALF of what the package said, and after testing, we found NO CBD, but THC instead.


Hey kids, thanks for the free edibles but if I had sold those to someone who had to test for work, I would have crawled in a hole and died.

IMG_3635 (1).jpg
3237 Sour Belt (B8BQH) full (1).jpg

Result: I was given a refund of what I purchased and the fee for testing

but these are still being sold as of today.

Next I went with a big company (Smokiez Edibles) thinking I’d have a better shot. The gummies tasted good despite the isolate “twang” but testing was VERY low, as 25mg was expected! These were not even consistent between flavors. These folks said it was a manufacturing problem and they were moving their production in-house. They said they were aware of the issue and yet never posted on their social media nor website that I saw.

Smokies Peach Gummiez.jpg

Result: The product was sent as a free sample but they refused to pay me for the testing fee. I was offered a credit towards the new gummies & offered more samples a few weeks later. I declined since they never told people testing was low & I will not do business with dishonest companies.

3605 Twinkle Star Gummy.jpg

Third I found a company (Giraffe Nuts) who has caramels and recently gummies. They all taste good and the caramels tested well but not the gummies. 25mg was expected not 16mg...

Result: I offered to relabel the gummies with the appropriate amount (with an adjusted price) and I’d still like to carry the caramels but I have yet to hear back from their CEO.  This is a little suspect because she was VERY responsive before my testing results.

Most recently I’ve been hearing a gal (Mountain Mama) on our local radio station talking about CBD (or as she says, "CBDeees").  Many things she says raise red flags for me and I heard one of my customers ask if she tested her products.  She stumbled a bit talking about her source product and said she has “COA” (Certificate of Authentication) from that company.  Knowing the source product is very misleading in their packaging & hearing more “gotchas” during interviews, I had to have a product tested.

IMG_3597 (1).jpg

I bought this pain stick and although there were a few issues I had with it, ultimately I wanted to know if the amount of CBD listed is what’s in the product.


!!!!PAY CLOSE ATTENTION!!!! This is what I really need folks to understand...


The label says “500mg Full Spectrum Gold Formula Hemp Oil” and the website says “500mg CBD oil”. Now I fell into the trick of thinking it should have 500mg of CBD and was LIVID when testing came back at 65mg of CBD per oz. The package doesn’t list the weight/volume but the website says it’s 2.5oz so a total of 162mg of CBD in the entire stick. As I said, I was LIVID and yet sick inside because as much as I don’t want people to be mislead, I also don’t want to ruin someone’s business. I thought for a moment that maybe she just didn’t understand calculations or the misrepresentation of the source company but nope...her response to my email was dismissive at best.  The last few times she's been on the radio, the DJs ignore every question about testing, even after being made aware of our findings.  But that's not cheap to be on the radio, obviously they are going to protect what is asked during these live feeds.

Mountain Mama 500mg_20190201.jpg

Results: This exchange happened in January 2019.  As of February/March 2020, she has new source material and labeling.  We have not verified the new products yet but likely will in the coming months.


I may be way over zealous in my demand for testing and truthful labeling but let me tell you this...


I attempted to find a less expensive source for isolate (we use it in the bubble baths) and was sent LAUNDRY DETERGENT!  I was totally scammed but more importantly, if I didn’t test and just made my own tinctures, people would be INGESTING LAUNDRY SOAP!


It scares me to no end that people buy products which haven’t been END PRODUCT TESTED.


It also ticks me off (excuse my language) that so many places have these products with deceptive labeling.  This massage oil cost $40.  Knowing that hemp extract typically has only 30% CBD, I paid $40 for about 30mg of CBD and some carrier oils.  RAWR!  DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!

If you have any questions, please let me know. I hope to be part of the movement to #CleanUpOurIndustry from scammers and deceptive practices, I will never stop!

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