Dream Job

Have you wanted to get your foot in the door at a Cannabis business here in Montana?  You're in luck!  We at Canna of Eden have developed a course to get you up to speed with the Cannabis industry, what dispensaries are looking for, basic and extended knowledge of cannabis, etc.  

"Just wanted to let you know I've been promoted to the Assistant Manager position at (dispensary).  I wanted to thank you for your class, I feel like the knowledge I took from your class really excelled me forward in the industry!" 

~ Gavin, Class Alumni 

Class Schedule:

Class 1 - Welcome, Intros, and Basics of Cannabis

Class 2 - Cannabis History & Culture

Class 3 - Product Info

Class 4 - Customer Service/The Job

Class 5 - Safety - Product, Personal, and Professional

Class 6 - Montana State Laws (high level)

Class 7 - Online Tools & Final Review

Class 8 - Final Exam


Classes are limited to only 8 participants and due to an overwhelming demand, are now available through Zoom so you will need access to a computer or phone that has both audio & visual where the instructor can see and hear you as well.  

  • Basic knowledge of cannabis is helpful but NOT required.

  • You will be WORKING in class, be prepared to take extensive notes.

  • You will have homework after each class and a final exam.

  • NO CHILDREN (or guests) ALLOWED.  We're sorry but space is very limited and we need to stay focused.  

  • Missed classes can be made up for $50 (unless prearranged).

  • Make-up Exams may be taken as many times as needed for $50 each.

"Having a small group and meeting like that really added to the whole experience. Didn't feel like school yet was intellectually stimulating. I hope you become the model for Montana."  ~ Tori from Billings

4 Week Certificate Course



(2 classes per week)

Tuesdays & Thursdays:

6:00pm - 8pm (ish)


Week 1: Dec 7th & 9th

Week 2: Dec 14th & 16th

Week 3: Dec 21st & 23rd

Week 4: Dec 28th &

                 FINAL the 29th

After successful completion of all classes and an 80% passing grade on the final exam, you'll be presented with a beautiful Certificate of Completion.

Tina, Owner of Canna of Eden and the Dream Job Instructor, received her Master Certificate from the Cannabis Training Institute. Prior to her accomplishments in the cannabis industry, she worked for a major telecommunications company for over 20 years. In that time, she had been a trainer & instructor. She also documented system flow, created training material, etc. Now, with over 4 years in the cannabis and hemp industries, learning and teaching others, the truth & professionalism in the industry has been her priority & drive in life and her experience in the cannabis industry is from seed-to-sale!



After payment submission, expect an email from Tina to confirm your seat in the class and discuss your cannabis experience and background.

A $400 value for ONLY $250!!