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Some Products Contain Nut Oil. Contact Tina For Other Options.


Naturals Tinctures

Optimal mental and physical performance begins with Hemp CBD Oils. A proprietary blend of all-natural performance and recovery enhancing ingredients will keep you energized and focused throughout your day. Available in 3 concentrations, Active, Elite & Pro, there is an option for any active lifestyle.


Promotes Energy, Focus, Endurance, and Recovery

Full spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids

MCT Oil to boost energy and fat burning potential

Non- toxic, non-addictive and non-psychoactive

(1 oz): Servings (Droppers) per bottle: 38​

Targeted Topical

400mg in 1oz container
Attack muscle and joint irritation with Canna of Eden's Targeted Topical. Physically demanding lifestyles put our bodies through a gauntlet of stress that can limit performance during all stages of exercise. With Targeted Topical, you can instantly fend off muscle and joint irritation, to keep your body in go mode! Our Targeted Topical is your #1 natural defense against muscle and joint irritation. Thoughtfully formulated to target irritated areas of your body to speed recovery and keep you engaged in the beauty of life. 

400+mg CBD per container
Instantly targets muscle and joint irritation
Naturally scented with soothing jasmine and Ylang Ylang to relax your mind and body
Protects and strengthens skin
Non-toxic, non-addictive and non-psychoactive



​CBD Bubble Bath


Our CBD Bubble Bath soak is formulated to hydrate your skin while it works on your aches and pains of the day.  Created with all natural ingredients, including your choice of essential oils, Canna of Eden Bubble Bath soak is a must have for anyone serious about their soaks!


Tincture for your Fur Baby with Pain Issues

Caring for your four-legged companions just got easier with Canna of Eden's Pet Tincture. Developed using our premium CBD-hemp extract, our pet tincture is a safe, all-natural health and wellness solution specially formulated for your pets.
Daily health supplement, non-GMO, vegan, organic. Excellent source of Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids: these are essential fatty acids, meaning your dog or cat can’t produce them naturally, and needs to obtain them from other sources. A good balance of these Omega Fatty Acids is critical to your pet’s health as they are the foundation of homeostasis.
Contains MCT oil to help balance the thyroid, in turn helping overweight dogs lose weight and sedentary dogs feel energetic.

Our pet tincture has a natural calming effect on pets that don’t respond well to new environments, loud noises, or being separated from their owner.