Class Schedule

Cannabis Edibles Class

Have you ever wanted to make your own cannabis edibles but you're too scared to ruin your product?  LET US HELP!  

Tina has been making cannabis edibles for many years & has wasted her fair share of very expensive material.  Now she's teaching others what to do and what NOT to do!  Don't waste your money on expensive edibles or ruined product, come learn how to make and dose edibles properly.


Unfortunately kitchens consider cannabis as a "contaminant" so this is a classroom course & we'll learn about:

~ Welcome & Intro

~ Cannabis Basics

~ How Edibles Work In The Body

~ Reading Material Labels

~ Dosing

~ Supplies & Tools

~ Cooking Prep

~ Dietary Needs


~ Recipe Discussion

Every student should bring two recipes to class & we'll discuss how to medicate those recipes specifically.  No recipes will be given out so be sure to bring recipes you need help with.  

Anyone can attend class, you do not need to be a Medical Cannabis Patient with a green card.  Classes are in Billings, Montana and will be from 12pm - 4pm, Sundays.  Once your purchase is received, you will receive an email confirmation with details & reminders.