The Journey to Canna of Eden
Hi All!  My name is Tina, I live in Montana with my husband Adam and our two fur babies.  Montana really IS as wonderful and beautiful as people say but don’t tell anyone I said that.  We like visitors but the Montana borders are often reported as “closed” to moving vans.  lol​​
After my honey was stricken with Gastroparesis (paralyzed stomach), we had to go to another state to find medical help.  It’s beautiful here but our healthcare is seriously lacking.  We looked extensively for solutions including ANYTHING other than the poisonous pills, pills, and more pills every doctor kept throwing at us.  Those pills didn’t work anyway and they were taking away the husband I fell in love with and married.  We were on a trip staying with a cousin in Denver who had some CBD salve samples and like everything else, I knew it wouldn’t help.  BOY WAS I WRONG – and believe me, I HATE being wrong!
See, I have multiple medical issues of my own, the one affecting me the most at that moment was the arthritis in my shoulders.  One side hurt so badly, the pain was creeping up my neck and I found myself holding my shoulder up towards my ear since that whole area was so painful.  My honey rubbed a little salve on my shoulder and neck, within 10 minutes, I had relief I hadn’t ever expected or even hoped for!  Thankfully we were able to use the samples until our order came in but WOW was it EXPENSIVE!!  I wanted to purchase some for family but I’d go broke doing that.
I decided to do some research and found there are more scam CBD products out there than you can shake a stick at.  Some products use CBD grown God knows where, some charge hundreds for barely any CBD, some use seeds and stems (not an effective source), some use harsh chemical extractions…the list of “things to watch for” goes on and on.  It took MONTHS of researching to find a farm GROWING hemp in the US due to it being illegal except certain states and approved farms (2014 Farm Bill).  I wanted to be able to have cost effective products people could TRUST, with CBD GROWN in the US & Canna Of Eden was born.

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